Olaf juice cartons for kids

I thought it would be nice to decorate the children’s juice cartons to look like Olaf. We didn’t actually do this in time for their birthday party but they would be brilliant for a Frozen theme at a party or for in a lunchbox.


We used:

  • white, orange and black craft foam
  • sticky eyes
  • black pipe cleaners
  • double sided tape

homemade juice cartons

We cut a piece of white craft foam so it fit all the way around the carton. Then glued on the face and the pipe cleaners for the stick hair. If you stick the ends together of the white craft foam then you can just slip off the cover and use it on different juice boxes.

Olaf juice cartons

This is a great craft to do at a party as once you have all the bits it’s really easy. Charlotte cut out her own buttons which is why they are square on the middle Olaf.

Olaf craft for kids

The twins thought they looked cool. It’s certainly a fun way to get them to drink fruit juice.

Olaf juice cartons


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Olaf juice cartons - perfect for a Frozen themed birthday party or just for fun!

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