Ozbozz My First Scooter – Review

April 20, 2012


The Ozbozz My First Scooter was a big success in the ‘Here Come the Girls’ household. It is meant for  age 2+ so I thought it would be Molly who would test it as the twins are not two until June, but the design is so good they were able to have a go themselves and loved it.
It’s taken us a while to get the review ready as we were waiting for a sunny day to get outside. It was finally nice enough to go out so I wasn’t really prepared and hadn’t put the scooter together. Luckily it is really easy. I am not a huge fan of following instructions (how dare they tell me what to do!) but these were easy to follow and everything you needed was in the box, so no searching around for spanners.
All in all it took less than 15 minutes to put together. There are a few extra parts because you can adapt the scooter as the child grows so it has 3, then 2 wheels. This is a great feature as you can end up buying a scooter a year otherwise.

Getting the hang of it.
Oops wrong way round.
The scooter is bright pink and yellow and looks really good. It is a perfect height for the twins and folds down very easily to fit in the car. It is quite light. At one point the twins didn’t want to walk so I was carrying them both and the scooter and it was quite manageable. I wish the twins were a bit lighter though.
This is how to do it.
Getting a bit of help from Big Sis.
Riding the Scooter
The scooter is great to learn how to ride. It is very stable so even after one go the girls were getting the hang of standing on it and didn’t fall off. As the scooter is light they could push it along easily even if they weren’t riding it.
I really recommend this scooter. It’s a great price, and really versatile. I think we may have to get another one for the girls’ birthday though, to stop the squabbles. As it was Molly had to lend them her scooter too stop them fighting.
My First Scooter is available from Amazon, Tesco and Toymaster stores at around £19.99.  Visit: www.ozbozz.co.uk for more information. Don’t forget to like then on Facebook too – just search for Ozbozz and join up for more info and promos!

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