Planning Your Next Break

April 18, 2014


The weather has suddenly improved and it’s making me want to pack some bags and head off for an adventure. I feel now the girls are a bit older we can manage somewhere a bit more adventurous. There isn’t the time for spending hours pouring over travel brochures and visiting agents to book a holiday. I need something to help plan that will make things easier. That is why the new Inspiration App from Superbreak will be invaluable.

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Planning A Break

There are so many variables when planning a holiday. With the app you can put in length of stay, number of people and personal preferences. As our family has five people it is often difficult to find places which will cater for all of us, without sifting through millions of different holidays. This will cut down the options straight away, leaving only the ones which are suitable.

Superbreak Inspirations App

Why Choose Superbreak?

Superbreak is a Yorkshire based tour operator with over 30 years of holiday planning experience. There is a large choice of 2* to 5* hotels as well as a selection of fantastic theatre, attraction and event tickets. You can also choose how you travel, from rail to Eurostar to flying.

Superbreak Inspirations App

Top Destinations

So all that leaves are the destinations. Superbreak offers a large variety of locations from Edinburgh and beautiful Lake District to Prague and Barcelona. The only difficulty is choosing which one. Destinations include:

  • York
  • Dublin
  • Rome
  • Stratford
  • Paris
  • Barcelona
  • Cardiff
  • Bruges
  • Glasgow
  • Edinburgh
  • Bath
  • Lisbon


I have always fancied Paris in the Springtime. A couple of days strolling down the Seine and visiting galleries will be perfect for me. We could even have a day trip to Disney.

Lake District

Somewhere closer to home is the lakes. We had a mini honeymoon at the Lake District after we were married and it was so beautiful, and not too far away. It would be great to get the girls outside exploring. Top of my list for holiday destinations is Rome. Having, studied Ancient History at university this is a holiday i have dreamed about for the longest time. We we due to go a few years ago until we discovered the day before that one of our passports was missing. that was a bad day. perhaps this is the year we can finally make it there.


Discover what type of break you need and join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #SuperBreakInspo. They would love to hear which short break the SuperBreak Holiday Inspirator 2014 has chosen for you as well as what inspires where you go on holiday!

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