Sponge Cake (made of sponge)

August 25, 2013

play cake

The Great British Bake Off is on television again and I am inspired to make cake – lots and lots of cake. There is only one problem with that: if I make cake then I have to eat cake – lots and lots of cake. As I’m on a health kick that is no good. Of course you can make healthier versions of cake but I still end up eating too much of it and who really wants healthy cake? I mean what’s the point?

Fun craft to do with the kids - make some pretend cakes for their play kitchen. They look good enough to eat.

There is only one solution. To make sponge cake out of sponge. Pretend cakes it is!

toy sponge cake

We used:

  • pink and yellow sponges
  • fabric paint
  • fabric glue

First I cut the sponges into a cake slice shape using sharp scissors.

toy sponge cake

Then I stuck them together using fabric glue. A glue gun would work too.

toy sponge cake

We decorated the cakes using special foam paint. This is a bit thicker than normal paint and means it forms icing shapes.

toy sponge cake

Molly enjoyed making her sponge cake. It is a classic Victoria sponge topped with fondant icing.

toy sponge cake

Charlotte also enjoyed icing her cake. She needs to work a little on her presentation if she is going to be awarded with Star Baker.

toy sponge cake

We left the cakes to dry. They are rather generous helpings.toy sponge cake

Then we served the cake with a nice cup of tea. The cakes were a big success. The one good thing about making cakes with sponge is that they are guaranteed not to have any soggy bottoms!

toy sponge cake

The cakes make great additions to the twins’ toy kitchen. They love having picnics and pretend birthday parties and a slice of sponge cake will add to their games.

toy sponge cake toy sponge cake toy sponge cake

This is my post for the Great Bloggers Bake Off. If this has put you in the mood for some real cake then check out the amazing creations in the link up started by The Crazy Kitchen and Mummy Mishaps
GreatBloggersBakeOffI don’t think any will be as big as our gigantic sponge cake with 10 layers!

toy sponge cakeFor more play cake fun have a look at our play dough pavlova from last year.

pavlova surprise

Here are a couple of posts featuring pretend sponge cakes which inspired me on Pinterest:

Pretend Sweets Made with Sponges from Inner Child Fun

Making Spongy Sponge Cakes by Inspire Inspiration Through Creation

Pretend food made with sponges from One Perfect Day

Pretend sponge cakes made with sponge


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