Playmobil Modern Luxury Mansion

August 21, 2015

A review of the City Life Modern Luxury Mansion

We are really excited to have been chosen as Playmobil Playologists again this year. We had an amazing time last year and got to try lots of fun toys. Our first toy review is a really exciting one. We were sent the City Life Modern Luxury Mansion. You can view our unboxing video on Youtube. City Life Modern Luxury Mansion

The modern luxury mansion comes in an impressively large box. It would look amazing wrapped up under the tree at Christmas. The pieces are all well stored. You do have to assemble the mansion. It took about an hour and a half but was really easy to do. I hate following instructions, but these are really clear and easy to follow with step by step pictures so you don’t get confused. Older children can help you make it and can definitely make smaller toys themselves. City Life Modern Luxury MansionWhen the modern mansion is put together it looks amazing. I love the fact it is styled like a contemporary house. It looks like it would fit well on the beach in Florida and even has it’s own palm trees. One of the main problems with being a parent is that you have gaudy plastic toys all over your house. This one looks lovely and the muted colours mean it fits in with your decor and isn’t an eye saw.  City Life Modern Luxury Mansion

There are two floors to the Playmobil modern luxury mansion with a flight of stairs you can actually make the toys walk up.  There is lots of space for furniture and the good thing is you can buy any set you want and it will fit. You can also use any exciting Playmobil furniture you have.

City Life Modern Luxury Mansion In the box, there are enough accessories for you to decorate you house and start playing straight away. This is great as it means you can buy just this one toy and can start playing straight away. Although, you probably will want to get some of the other furniture sets to match. You can also buy some additional rooms for the mansion, including a guest suite and a swimming pool and terrace. You can even get working lights. City Life Modern Luxury MansionIn this set, you get two figures to play with, a man and a lady. The outside of the house has lots of pretty flower decorations, including plants on top of the roof. On the front of the house is a working doorbell which is fun for when visitors come to stay. This takes two AA batteries which are not included. City Life Modern Luxury MansionYou get quite a few accessories to start decorating the house. There is: a table and chairs set, some drinks to go with the drinks machine, a teeny tiny laptop, a set of books, some jewellery and a few plant decorations. There is also a secret safe where the family can store their valuables behind a picture of a tiger.
City Life Modern Luxury Mansion

I think this is a really detailed and fun toy, which the girls will get lots of use out of. The only thing you have to watch is that you move it carefully as sides do come apart if you pull them too hard. As long as you pick it up from the bottom it is fine.

City Life Modern Luxury Mansion

One of the main things I look for in a large toy is that the girls can play with it together. The mansion is quite long which means two children can comfortably play side by side. This set really encouraged collaborative play and the girls have had some lovely games, playing together. Ok, there may have been a couple of little arguments over where to put the furniture, but what family doesn’t fight on moving day?


This house has been designed really well with a completely open back area. The fact that the second floor is set back a little bit means that you can easily play on both levels. It means the children can get the feel of being inside a house while still having the room to move everything about.
City Life Modern Luxury Mansion

I think this new range will be really popular this year. It’s clean, simple lines and modern styling make it appealing for adults as well as children. It is a really well-made toy, with lots of fun details and clever touches. We liked the fact there is even an app on the app store where you can play in the mansion. This toy costs £99.99 and includes everything you see in the pictures. I think this is a great price for something which will have so much use and which includes everything you need for hours of fun.

City Life Modern Luxury Mansion


Find the whole City Life Modern Mansion range here.

Disclaimer: We were sent the toy for the purposes of this review. 



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