Project MC2 Ultimate Makeover Bag

August 25, 2018

Project MC2 Ultimate Makeover Bag

Ever since the twins watched the TV Show Project MC2 they wanted all the kit. The show is lots of fun and I love the way it encourages girls to STEAM activities. It is also brilliant that it shows four diverse girls who all have different talents. We love the motto “Smart is the new cool” and all it exemplifies.


The Project MC2 Ultimate Makeover Bag was top of Rose’s wish list. She loves the character, Adrienne, because she wears glasses and loves fashion, enjoys baking but mostly because she loves makeup and hides all her spy kit in makeup cases. 

Project MC2 Ultimate Makeover Bag

The Project MC2 Ultimate Makeover Bag costs £54.99. It is a strong plastic rucksack in a lovely lilac colour. In. the bag is a lip gloss pen, a nail polish pen, a hair-mascara tube, a cosmetic jar, 2 pipettes, an experiment booklet and makeup ingredients.

Project MC2 Ultimate Makeover Bag

The Ultimate Makeover Bag has lots of handy storage for all your make up. There are spaces for all the items to fit neatly as well as little drawers to put things in. You could use it on a dressing table to store makeup. With the kit, you can make your own custom nail polish, lip gloss, hair mascara, and crayon makeup.

The booklet contains lots of easy to follow recipes to make your own makeup. You need to buy some extra ingredients. Although these are all low-cost items you may already own, it is a shame they aren’t included in the kit at the price.

Project MC2 Ultimate Makeover Bag

We really enjoyed making the DIY Nail Polish. It was a lovely colour and easy to apply. Rose loved the fact that you hide the nail polish in a pot which looks like normal stationary.

The Ultimate Makeover Bag also has a holder for your phone or ipod. You can take selfies, film videos or watch your favourite episodes of Project MC2.

I don’t mind the girls experimenting with makeup in the house and the makeup made in this set is ideal for little girls. The lip gloss, for example, adds a light shimmer and a touch of glitter and looks pretty.

The Project MC2 Ultimate Makeover Bag works as a backpack too so you can take your make up wherever you go. 



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Disclaimer: We were sent the toy for the purposes of this review. 

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