Puppy Dog Pals Toy Range Mega Review

August 13, 2018

Puppy Dog Pals

Have your kids started watching the new show on Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals? If so they will love the cute new range of toys available. We were lucky enough to be sent lots of toys to try.  There is something to suit every budget and we found the whole range really well made, good quality and affordable too. The toys are all suitable for children aged 3+.


Puppy Dog Pals Doghouse Playsets – £29.99

If you are looking for a big Christmas or birthday present this year then I would definitely recommend the Puppy Dog Pals Doghouse Playset. This is an exact replica of the house in the TV show, with loads of fun features.

The playhouse is a good size, for a couple of children to play with together, but it also isn’t too big so you can store it easily. The Playhouse is two storey, with an elevator between the two.

The Playset comes with two poseable figures – Bingo and Rolly. They are really cute with lots of expression on their faces.

There is a little see-saw and a swing for the figures to play on as well as a vehicle, which is A.R.F. as a car. The set is suitable for ages 3+ and we thought it was really good for little hands as it is very solid and well constructed.

The twins particularly love the slide. It is very slippy and works for all the toys, even the plush pals! We really liked the Puppy Dog Pals Doghouse Playset and thought there was lots to play with for the money. It would be a brilliant toy for a mix of ages, as younger and older children would enjoy playing with it and find lots to do.

Puppy Dog Pals Deluxe Friends Set – £29.99

If you want to have all the characters to play with then the Puppy Dog Pals Deluxe Figures Set is the way to go. With this you get all the characters from the series in one set with accessories as well.

Bingo, Rolly, A.R.F., Bob, Hissy, Keia, two food bowls, one cat bed, and a fetch toy

In the set you get all the characters from Puppy Dog Pals: Bingo, Rolly, A.R.F., Bob, Hissy, Keia, two food bowls, one cat bed, and a fetch toy. We thought they were really detailed and the twins loved having the pet food, toy and bed to play with. This set really encouraged them to use their imaginations.

Puppy Dog Pals Deluxe Figures Set - £29.99

Puppy Dog Pals Pet & Talk Plush Pals – £9.99

My girls love a plush toy. They would choose something to cuddle every time. The Pet & Talk Plush Rolly is really sweet. He is a lovely size 4″ tall for carrying around with you when you go out as he will fit into a bag or even in the palm of your hand. He has adorable big eyes and his distinctive lolling tongue

Pet & Talk Plush Pals - £9.9

When you press his head he bobs and says ten sounds and phrases from the show. The plush requires 2 LR44 batteries which are included.

Pet & Talk Rolly Plush

Puppy Dog Pals Puppy Love Plush- £16.99

If you prefer a large cuddly toy then the Puppy Love Plush is even bigger at 12″ tall. Bingo is so soft and fluffy, perfect for bedtime cuddles and for playing together during the day. The Puppy Love Plush would be particularly good for a child who wants a dog as it is almost life-sized and you can imagine it is real.

Puppy Love Plus

Puppy Dog Pals Figures on the Go – £12.99

If your kids love playing with vehicles then the Figures on the Go toys are brilliant. They are lots of fun with a vehicle you can actually launch.

In these fun sets, you get a cute character, a vehicle and a launcher. The launcher is easy to use, even for younger children. All you have to do is press the paw-print button and off they go.

If you have a couple of sets you can even set up races with your friends.

The vehicles are really fun. We particularly liked Rolly’s sailboard launcher, with its colourful sail. These would be a fun present. for taking to a birthday party.

Puppy Dog Pals Travel Pets and Figures – £3.99

If you are looking for a small treat or a pocket money toy then the Puppy Dog Pals Travel Pets are really fun and cost under a fiver.

Travel Pets and Figures - £3.9

The girls love blind bag collectables and these are especially cute because they come in a little pet carrier you can use afterwards in your games.

Travel Pets and Figures - £3.9

Inside you get a sweet toy, with Bingo, Rolly, Hissy, A.R.F., Cupcake and Rufus to collect, including the ultra-rare chase figure, Rufus. The figures are great to play with or just to collect and display.

The toys are available in all good toy stores:  http://www.thetoyshop.com/brands/puppy-dog-pals

For your chance to win some of these toys for yourself join in the Twitter party!

15th August 1-3 pm


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