{AD} Rain Dampens Your Spirits, But Not Your Underfloor 

October 9, 2020

Welcome to that part of the year where rain seems to fall constantly day and night throughout most of the UK. 

Even a quick run out to the car to get something you left inside can result in you bringing back a lot of water, especially underfoot. This means you are treading in water, potentially ruining your carpet or floorboards with watery footprints. 

So with that in mind how about you change up your water soaking hardwood flooring for luxury wood effect vinyl flooring? 

Moisture Resistant 

The many great aspects about LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile and Planks) is the ultimate protection levels they provide from spills and water. 

By either glueing down or clicking together planks, you are sure to find that any water coming off your clothes or shoes will not seep through to the underfloor, meaning your vinyl will stay in place and more importantly, stay in pristine condition for many years to come. 

Moisture resistance is what makes vinyl flooring ideal for bathrooms and kitchens also, wit rising temperatures of the bathroom not causing planks or tiles to come loose and kitchen food spills not leaving cleaning a huge chore.

Guarantee on Quality 

Understanding that a floor is a long-term commitment, lowest price Amtico flooring offers upto 35 years warranty which is testament enough to how durable these floors really are.  

In fact, if any extreme damage is done to the flooring then the planks and tiles are cheap and easy to replace, without taking up larger sections of your floor to replace. With simple maintenance on a weekly basis of a quick mop or sweep and ensuring that any furniture is equipped with rubber soles to avoid heavy scratches against the anti-scratch properties, your floor can retain its first installation look for the duration of its lifespan. 


Beautiful Look No Matter the Weather 

With Amtico being the leading industry brand for luxury vinyl flooring, you can be sure to find the very best in replicated look and feel and the ultimate in protection. 

From the widely popular Spacia collection to the relative ease of installation of Click Smart, you are not only treated to the cheapest Amtico flooring UK but also a product that does not substitute class. 

Nothing makes you feel warmer than coming in from out of a rainy day to a beautifully laid and presented vinyl floor, ensuring no matter how wet the floor gets you won’t be ruining the look and you won’t be in danger of slipping due to anti slip technology at play. 

You may get cold outside, but you’ll feel warm inside with Amtico.

In Association with Amtico

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