Rainbow Fish Cake Pops

March 26, 2012

Rainbow Fish cake pops
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cake pops
I’ve been wanting to try out making cake pops for sometime. With the girls’ birthdays coming up I thought it would be a good opportunity to test the recipe. I was surprised by how easy it is to make the cake balls and how delicious they are. Cake pops have a crunchy outside with a soft melt in the mouth filling. They really are delicious. The hard part is definitely the decoration as you have to be very quick before the chocolate goes hard. You can buy all you need for making cake pops on ebay or from hobbycraft shops or Lakeland.
cake pops
To make the cake balls you need:
  • 280g/10oz icing sugar
  • 140g/5oz butter
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • 1 tsp blue food colouring
  • 1 cake
For the decoration you need:
cake pops ingrediants
Cream the icing sugar and butter into a smooth paste. Add the vanilla and food colouring.
Crumble the cake into fine pieces.
Stir the cake into the mix.
Form into a ball.
Place in the fridge for an hour.
cake balls
Take out of the fridge and roll into balls.
cake balls
This is the part which the children can help with.
cake balls
Roll into fish shapes.
Leave in the fridge for half an hour.
cake pops
Add lolly sticks to each fish. Take care not to push the stick too far.
Add a small amount of chocolate or candy melt the join between the stick and the cake pop so it doesn’t fall off when your dipping.
Leave in the fridge for half an hour.
cake pops
Melt the chocolate or candy melts. I find this works best over a bowl of hot water.
Dip the cake balls into the melted chocolate.
You only have a few seconds to decorate your cake pop before it hardens.
cake pops
Add sprinkles to the cake pop to make a fish.
We used candy eye balls, silver balls and hundreds and thousands for the body. Butterfly shapes for the mouths. Candy diamonds for the tail and chocolate jazzies for the fins.
cake pops
Several of our little rainbow fish didn’t make it and were gobbled up. This was mainly because they were a little too large and fell off the stick. My daughter is four and while she could help with the rolling of the cake balls and the decoration found the dipping part hard. This is because you have to do it very quickly and not knock the cake pop off it’s spoon. Although it takes a long time to keep putting the cake pops back in the fridge it is important otherwise the mix is too soft and falls off the stick.
cake pops
This was our recipe for the edible food competition from Playing By the book. For more entries click on the link.
For more Rainbow Fish ideas
Go to:
rainbow fish

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