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July 3, 2016

Readly app

With the Readly App

One of my favourite treats is to sit and read a magazine with a nice cup of tea. The only problem is that magazines are pricey. if I buy one for myself and for each of the girls the cost soon adds up. You also have all that paper to recycle. Which is why the Readly App is such a great idea. If you read a couple of magazines a month then this subscription service could be for you.

Readly app

Readly is a free app with a monthly subscription of £7.99. As the average cost of magazines is around three to four pounds you will easily make this up if you buy 3 magazines per month. You can cancel any time. I was really impressed with how many magazines were available on the app. There are 1629 different magazines with everything from men or women’s interests, family, history, sports or fashion. Within each category, there are lots of different titles. You will never go without something to read again.

Readly app

When you open the app you can set up different profiles for different members of the family. Then it shows you a home screen with suggestions for what to read. This is a fun way to discover new magazines. You can add the app to up to 5 different devices. Then read anywhere, whether online or offline.

Craft Magazines

I love to read craft magazines to get ideas for our next family project. All my favourites are on the app, including Molly Makes, Quick Cards and Papercraft Inspirations.

Readly app

Kids Magazines

There are a few titles for older children. Molly enjoys reading First News and Kids National Geographic as well as the Horrible Histories Magazine. It would be great to see some magazines for younger children too as the twins enjoy reading on the iPad too.

Readly app

This is a brilliant app to use if you have a reluctant reader. Magazines always seem more fun to children who are not so keen on books and reading on a tablet is seen as more of a treat.

Readly app

As well as the current issue of the magazine, you can also read back issues. Which means you can access 34330 issues – what a wealth of reading material. You can also bookmark your page to read again later and download an issue or favourite it so you can come back to it later.


The app itself is really intuitive and easy to use. The pages scroll smoothly and it feels like you are reading a real magazine.


You can easily access a menu at the bottom so you can flick to the page you want. This is such a great app. It would make a fantastic present for someone who loves magazines. On the website you can buy a gift card for a month to a year. It is also perfect for going on holiday or travelling as you have so much to read.


To get a free month of Readly straight to your phone or tablet, click the link: FREE MONTH 

Disclaimer: We were given a 6 month subscription for the purposes of this review. 

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