Reasons to be cheerful

July 5, 2012

reasons to be cheerful

reasons to be cheerfulI haven’t joined in with Reasons to be Cheerful recently. Is it because I’ve been exceptionally grumpy? Possibly. Is it because I have been a bit disorganised and realised it is Friday and I’ve missed it again? Definitely.

Anyway this week I am cheerful because of blogging. One year of blogging is a good time to reflect on how far I’ve come. I’ve found a creative outlet again. I have always written, in one form or another, but when I had children the words dried up. Perhaps it was before then when I was stressed with work. Whatever happened I stopped writing, it’s no wonder I started to feel like I had lost myself in all the parenting. Although, I have written diaries in the past, I am still surprised that this is the style of writing which has really captured my imagination, although perhaps it is the audience I like and the way I can combine it with everything else I am interested in. I still think of myself as a fiction writer, but perhaps I will find that again too.

The other thing which has surprised me is the thing about blogging is the other bloggers I have met, both in real life and virtually. I wasn’t exactly snooty about virtual friends but the image of people talking on-line is always sad, lonely guys in their boxer shorts arguing over some obscure movie. Ok sometimes that happens in the parent blogging world too. In fact parent bloggers just all seem so lovely, yes there are spats, and there are a few blogs and bloggers that aren’t exactly my cup of tea but mostly there is an unspoken rule of general niceness. Although perhaps I’m just being hopelessly naive and really everyone is backstabbing furiously.

So I’d like to thank a couple of lovely people. OK I know I haven’t won an award, or anything but a year doing something is worth celebrating and taking time to thank people.

The first is a lovely blogger who really guided how I think about blogging. Not only was she the first blog I read but she was also the first person to ever comment on my blog. You always remember your first so they say, and for it to have been from such a gentle and considerate commenter could only make it more special.

While we are on commenters, I have to mention my most attentive. There is barely a post which goes by that she doesn’t notice and write something witty or sympathetic on. She’s also really great fun in real life (another way of saying – she likes a drink (or two) and has to be frog marched off the dance floor by burly security guards.

I have to mention my partner in crime. I sometimes think she is my alter ego (evil twin?), in blogging form. Except for a difference in favourite TV shows we could be separated at birth – and of course what I mean by that is she is quite simply brilliant.

I can’t forget this blogging genius. In my head she is still two people, the sweet and lovely and actually surprising quiet person she is in real life and then her blogging persona, loud and brash and fun and completely inspiring whizz kid who has taken the blog world by storm.

Talking of taking the blog world by storm; this member of blogging royalty has stormed the castle and is helping lost comrades over the battlements. – Ok that made no sense but it’s getting late so it’ll have to do. I guess as newbies in any pursuit you can feel a bit in awe of someone who has become very successful. Well this person is so generous with her success.

I could go on and on. Perhaps I will in another post!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

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