Run, Fat Girl, Run

September 13, 2011

When I go for a run I still feel like that scene in Simon Pegg’s movie Run, Fat Boy, Run (though stupid name as other than the prosthetic tummy you couldn’t call him overweight. He is preparing for a marathon and on his first run sets of brilliantly before stopping by the end of the road.  Every time I start well and think – wow this is easy – I’m finally starting to get somewhere. But after a few minutes the feeling vanishes and it’s a struggle.

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I’m feeling a bit more confident about running though. After that first mile, where I hate every minute, I start to get into the swing of it. I know I’ve set myself quite a challenge. On the 30th October I’m going to run The Great South Run to raise money for Tamba – the twins and multiples association. It’s ten miles. A sensible person would have started with something more manageable. I was planning to do a few shorter runs first but didn’t get round to it. I must have something to prove but I’m not sure what it is. Perhaps just showing I can do it after having three children. Perhaps when a member of my family was watching my wedding video and then turned to look at me and said “Ahhhh – so that’s what happens when you have three kids.” Also I kind of feel I can do anything after having the twins. Pregnancy was so difficult and took such a toll on my body, as well as all the sleepless nights. If I can get through those early days then I can achieve any goal.

To be honest it isn’t the running that’s the hard part but fitting everything in. I used to run in the evenings, but by the time all the girls are in bed and the worst of the mess is tidied, it’s a struggle to motivate myself to run. Evenings are also starting to get darker so it’s becoming less likely I’ll be able to run outside and the treadmill is not so much fun – especially for longer runs. You don’t get the freedom of leaving the house. Although, it does have the added benefit that no one can see you getting hot and sweaty.

I was pleased with last week though. I didn’t manage 4 runs but did fit in a longer one. I’m now up to 6 miles. At the moment I’m still going very slowly (about 13 minute miles) so now I know I can nearly do the distance I need to up the speed a little and get out of my comfort zone.

Miles this week: 12 miles
Total miles: 64 miles
Total money raised: £10
Favourite Running Track: Christina Aguilara – Fighter

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