School Run Chic – (sort of)

October 14, 2011

Before this year I hadn’t heard the phrase School Run Chic. Last year it was all about celebrities with their baby bumps and then their seemingly miraculous weight loss post baby. Now it seems we can’t get enough of looking at celebrities taking their children to school, or so the tabloids tell us. This week I was lucky enough to get a much needed night out at a blogging event for tinyme. As it was my first such event as a mummy blogger, I approached it with a little trepidation. I made sure I had a rather blissful uninterrupted hour getting ready to go out. As I was about to leave, my daughter arrived home from school. She looked at me rather quizzically and said “mummy, you don’t normally wear a dress in the house.” Hmmmm… no.

It made me think about the school run. In order to get ready for the papparazzi, who might be lurking in the bushes on my route to school, I’m going to need to build in at least an extra hour to my day. As it takes me an hour to get the girls all ready, at least fifteen minutes of that being spent searching the house for their socks and shoes which they like to hide in amusing places, I will need to get up at six at the latest. I’m also going to need to book a few more weekly beauty treatments, a blow dry, manicure and regular de-fuzzing are the very least of it. How I’m going to fit this into my week I’m not entirely sure.

Well of course none of that is going to happen. I’m a pretty low maintenance kind of girl. I like my sleep too much to contemplate getting up even ten minutes early. If I was going to get any time away from the children, spending it in a hair dressers is not my idea of a good time. So this is my own version of school run chic. If I manage to do all these things then I feel slightly more polished:

  • Hair and teeth brushed (ok I know this is an essential but it’s amazing how difficult I found it to get both those done by 12 in the first few months after the twins were born.
  • A bit of slap, so I don’t look too exhausted and scare the children: foundation, blusher, mascara if I’m feeling fancy, and of course under eye cream – the saviour of busy mothers everywhere. 
  • A coat so it doesn’t matter what is underneath and if it is covered in toddler spills, as inevitably it is.
  • Matching socks. (Not my daughter’s Tinkerbell socks, which are a little too big for her and are the only ones which fit if I forgot to leave any out)
So there you go. Don’t think I’m going to be making The Best Dressed lists any time soon. I just hope to goodness the paps don’t get a photo of me pushing the double pram at the top of the hill when I’m puffing and panting and red in the face.
Anyone got any quick fix beauty tips they’d care to share?  

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