360-degree Tunnel at the Sea Life Centre

May 15, 2016

We got up early on Saturday to visit the Sealife Centre Birmingham. As ambassadors we are really lucky to visit before it is open to the public and it really is worth the early start. The attraction has changed immeasurably since the first time we visited and every time we go there is something new to see. This time, we couldn’t wait to try the 360-degree tunnel and to do Mister Maker activities.

The Sealife Centre is situated in the middle of Birmingham next to the canals, it is a lovely walk from the car park over the bridges in the early morning sunlight.


The entrance to The Sealife Centre is really exciting as you can see so many things. The girls like the rock pool exhibit as every few minutes there is a sudden splash of water which makes them jump. When they entered the girls were given a bottle of water and a bag of Mister Maker goodies. As you go around the attraction you need to collect bits and pieces which will make a crab craft at the end.


The trip starts with a visit to the penguins. There had a lot of energy and were dashing about their pool in a spectacular diving display. I love to watch their clumsy waddling on land and then see them fly gracefully through the water.


As you walk up to the top there are so many different sea creatures to spot. You can even tickle a starfish. At the top is a Finding Nemo themed exhibit. We didn’t get to look at it much last time we visited. The girls loved the huge tank of clown fish which little ones can crawl through. You can also find Dory and spot a huge octopus.


This part of the centre is lovely for young children as there is so much to touch and explore.


They can climb through tunnels full of twinkling lights, and stick their head inside a tank of star fish.


One of my favourite areas is the jellyfish. They look so beautiful and peaceful, undulating through the colourful water.


After this, we got a great view of the otters. The girls had chance to collect a few more craft materials for their Mister Maker Creature Makes, this time, red pipe cleaners. After that, we watched the 4D film which was a fun episode of The Octonauts. The 4D effects really brought this to life. There were bubbles, flashes from the electric eel and of course splashes of water.


Our favourite part of a visit to The Sealife Centre is the tunnel. It really feels like you are under the ocean. We were met by a friendly shark, relaxing at the entrance of the tunnel.


Stepping out into the tunnel is a new experience. The metal floor has been replaced by a transparent one. Although you know the floor is there everyone is very cautious for their first couple of steps. It is a real 360-degree experience as the sea creatures swim above and around and now below you.


The girls were so busy looking at all the colourful fish they didn’t notice the giant sea turtle photo bombing my picture.


The girls really enjoyed lying on the floor so they could watch the fish swim underneath them.


It was pretty hard to get them to leave. It is such a relaxing experience.


The 360-degree tunnel is really amazing, and definitely worth a visit.


We loved the fact that you couldn’t see the edge of the tunnel. It feels like you can reach out and actually touch the fish.


At the end of the trip, is a soft play area and the new craft area. The girls loved watching a short clip of Mister Maker and crafting a cute shark. It was a lovely way to end their visit and they got to take home what they had made to remember the day.


Discalimer: This was an event for the Blogger Ambassadors

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