SEARCH AND MORE OUTREACH 2 – Some Fancy Stuff to Boost your Website

October 18, 2020

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So you are finally getting around to it. That website that needs tidying up like a neglected back garden you always want to get around to but always put off.

You’ve probably spent more times over the last year directing people away from your website than to it because you know it needs a lot of work doing. You’ve probably even said that to a potential client or business associate.

So let’s change the way we are thinking in regards to that website and look at some areas that can be a huge boost to your business and the way you interact with clients. The goal is to be proud and ahead. Let’s begin.

Don’t be afraid of being minimal in design, loud with colour

It’s pretty commonplace to employ white space within web design so it is important that the areas where colour is utilised go a bit extra punchy with design.

You want a website to stand out and in choosing a bold colour scheme you can really attract attention whilst still maintaining a slick, flowing and simple design. This design will have a faster loading time, so it would be good to reevaluate your hosting provider to get the maximum speed on loading.

Don’t however make the mistake of shoving as much information as possible onto your pages, and don’t be afraid to include fewer pages on your website also. The key here is to get customers asking the questions. If they ask, they are already interested so you can move in for that conversion with a human and personal conversation.

Chiefly, make it aesthetically pleasing and easy to manage. Choose responsive web design so you don’t lose any clients browsing from a portable device.


Augmented Reality

Calm your boots, Neo, you are not in The Matrix. 

Augmented reality is an extra element being utilised which is an added layer of engagement for your clients. By using software to impose elements onto real life images through the use of smartphones and headsets, it has been a revolution in conversion of sales in the shopping based website sector.

Industries such as IKEA have incorporated it to showcase what furniture will look like in your home, ASOS has a virtual catwalk and even Youtube has a way of users trying beauty products by incorporating this technology. It may sound expensive but you can incorporate AR into your business through many ways.

Augmented reality components can be added to business cards which can then be connected to AR visualisation apps that present extra features to the holder by scanning the card via a smartphone. A perfect way to present product lines and special offers to those tech savvy users. 

Accessibility for all

As mentioned above, responsive web design is a must to keep in line with today’s technological standards.

People use the internet through mobile phones and tablets now more than ever, and usually on the move. If your website is not portable friendly, you are 90% sure of losing that business no matter how unbeatable your deals are. Stockport website design has made fantastic advancements in the field of turning regular mundane websites into fully accessible and responsive sites built to convert enquiries into deliveries.

If you fancy your business catching up to the current market, incorporate some fancy parts to your presence.

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