Snowman Activities for Kids

December 8, 2012

Here is a huge round up of snowmen activities for kids. They are split into general activities, crafts, recipes and learning. All the activities are brought to you by some fantastic bloggers and are so cute. make sure you click on the link to find the original post with full instructions. Now lets just hope we get some snow!

Snowman Activities

Balloon Ice Snowman 

ice snowman

Snowman Building

from RainyDayMum 

Snowman Fridge 

from Hands On as We Grow

Bringing the Snow Inside

from Housing a Forest 

Snow Play dough

from Play Create Explore

Homemade Play dough Snow

From PlayDr Mom

Frosty’s On the Freezer

from In Lieu of Preschool

S is for Snowman

from Living Life Intentionally

Indoor Snowman Play

from B-Inspired Mama

Frosty the Snowman Bath

from bath Activities for Kids

Snowman Moose

from Glittering Muffins

Snowman Christmas Fridge

from Adventures at Home with Mum

Snow, snow, snow

from Taming the Goblin


from A New Addition Blog

Magic Snow

from Right from the Start

Snowman Crafts

Snow Globe Christmas Ornaments 

Christmas ornaments

Snowman in a Jar

from Creative Playhouse 


Snowman Puppets

A Guest post from Creative Family Fun @ Hands On As We Grow 

 5 Little Snowmen

from Kitchen Counter Chronicles 

Snowman Ornaments 

from Happy Hooligans

Mickey Mouse Snowman Ornament 

from Busy Kids = Happy Mom

Winter Wonderland

from Busy Kids = Happy Mom

Paper Mache Clay Snowmen

from Housing a Forest

Simple Snowman

From Play Dr Mom

Snowman Puffy Paint

from In Lieu of Preschool

Christmas Thank Yous

from Nurturestore

Snow Play Dough

from Nurturestore

Snowman Window Clings

from Living Life Intentionally

Cotton ball Snowmen 

from Royal Baloo

Sock Snowmen

from Mamas Like Me

 Marshmallow Painting

from Mamas Like Me

Snowman with Hair curlers

from mess For Less

Model magic Handprint

from Busy Kids =  Happy Mom

Snowman Handprint Christmas Balls

from Glittering Muffins

Snow Dough Men

from Adventures At Home With Mum

Snowman At Night Craft 

from No Time for Flashcards

Southern Snowmen

from No Time for Flashcards

Snowflake Snowman Craft

from No Time for Flashcards

Magnetic Snowmen

from No Time for Flashcards

Snowmen Thank You cards

from Rainy day Mum

Cotton Wool Snowmen

from Learning for Life

Cotton ball Snowmen

from Rainy day Mum

Snowman Cards

from Red Ted Art 

Quick Cards

from Red Ted Art

The Snowman

from Red Ted Art 


from Taming the Goblin


Glittering Snowmen

from Sun Hats and Wellie Boots

Frosty the Snowman Decorations

from Zing Zing Tree

Newspaper Snowmen

from Fab Mums


Pom Pom Snowmen 

from Mummy, mummy, Mum

Sock Snowmen

from Simple Crafts

Snowman Bottle top Printing

from Domestic Goddesque

Snowman Craft for 1 year olds

from Trials and Tribulations of a Brummie Mummy

Snow scene Shoebox

from the Princess and the Pickle

Snowmen Craft

from A Mother’s Ramblings

Snowman Recipes

Snowmen Pancakes

Snowman pancakes

Snowmen Cake Pops

Snowmen cake pops

Snowman Cup Cakes

Gingerbread Ornaments

from Housing a Forest 

Snowman Muffin Tin Lunch

From JDaniel4’s Mom

Snowman Sundae

From Play Dr Mom


from Creative Kid Snacks

Snowman Ice Cream

from Nurturestore

Snowman Oreo Pops

from B-Inspired Mama

Snowman Crispie Cakes

from Rainy day Mum

Snowman Cakes

from Herfordshire Mummy

Melting Snowman Biscuits

from Mummy2Five

Snowman Learning 

Snow Books

from Rainy Day Mum 

Winter Fun

from The Educators’ Spin on It

 Melting Snowmen

From Kitchen Counter Chronicles

Snowman Glyph

From Play Dr Mom

Snowman Preschool Pack

from Living Life Intentionally

Snowman Sudoku

from Royal Baloo

Snowman Kindergarton and Tots Packs

from Royal Baloo

Shape Snowmen 

from Mamas Like Me

 Snowman Snowman Book and Printable

from Playing With Words 365

Snowman Color Activities

from PreKandKSharing

Snowman Letter Activities

from preKandKSharing

Emotional Snowmen

from No Time For Flashcards

Also check out this round up

32 Snow, snowflakes and snowmen activities

from Hands On As We Grow

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