St Patrick’s Day Play Dough

I’d decided to make some St Patrick’s Day play dough for the girls as I thought the colours would be really lovely. We had some gold and green play dough already made and I started collecting pretty bits and pieces to use with it. Then I saw this amazing St Patrick’s Day play dough from Fantastic Fun and Learning. I love the colours and I found it really inspiring to finishing it off.

St Patrick's day play dough



Shamrock Play Dough

We used some green play dough with added glitter to make our lucky four leafed clover.

shamrock play dough


Other materials were:

  • buttons
  • pipe cleaners
  • cake cases
  • pom pom
  • lolly sticks
  • letter shaped buttons

All in a lovely emerald green.

Shamrock play doh


We used a heart shaped cookie cutter to make the leaves and a pipe cleaner for the stalk. Then we made the word shamrock. This one was missing an ‘R’ though.

Shamrock playdough

Charlotte and Rose made their own creations with the green play dough. Charlotte decided to make volcanoes with hers.

green play dough

Rose loved the shamrock shape and decorated hers with lots of beads. She liked them to have lots of different colours.

Play dough


She also added a My Little Pony to her shamrock.

play dough creations

Rainbow Play Dough

I did think about making lots of rainbow colours for the play dough. I also wanted to use a rainbow cookie cutter which I have somewhere but couldn’t find. In the end we used some gold play dough. We made this originally for Christmas and it has lasted really well.

rainbow play dough

We used a homemade play dough recipe and added a few teaspoons of gold paint. The a lot of gold glitter. It worked really well and had a great sparkle. I can’t believe it is still going since Christmas!

gold play dough


Added to the gold play dough we had:

  • pipe cleaners
  • beads
  • cake cases
  • pom poms
  • rainbow letters

All in rainbow colours.


rainbow play dough

The twins love threading and they find it really easy to thread beads onto pipe cleaners. I cut the pipe cleaners into different lengths so they could thread the beads onto it.

rainbow beads


Then they put them into the gold play dough to make a rainbow shape. Molly made the word rainbow for the twins using the rainbow letters.

rainbow play dough and beads


The twins played really well together. Charlotte was pretending to be the teacher and was helping Rose as if it were one of their activities at Nursery.

making rainbows with beads

Their rainbow isn’t in colour order but it was so good for practicing fine motor skills I couldn’t complain.

pipe cleaner rainbows



After they had finished their rainbows Molly had a brilliant idea to make little handbags using the pipe cleaners and play dough. They made a few and I found them hung all around the kitchen. I loved this one which was in a heart shape the best.

Making bags with play dough and pipe cleaners



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