I’m a Stationery Addict!

April 28, 2016

Ok I admit it. I’m a stationery addict. I can’t resist a pretty notebook or a new machine to sharpen all the pencils at school. As I wrote yesterday writing is a huge part of my life and you have to have the right equipment for anything important in life. This is why I am huge supporter of National Stationery Week. I was sent lots of lovely stationery products to try and these were my favourites. DSC_0082

Sheaffer Pens

For a lover of writing and stationery, you can’t get much  better than a lovely pen. For a lover of lovely pens, you can’t get better than Sheaffer. Every year when people ask what I want for my birthday I say a really nice pen. For the record, this is what I mean, people. Something shiny. In a fancy box, which snaps shut when you close it. This Shaeffer pen comes in ice white and fits perfectly into your hand. It has a pleasant weight about it. What is best is how smoothly it writes. My writing looks good without a blot or a wobble.



Of course, you need a decent notebook to go with your pen. NU:Notebooks fit into your bag so you can carry them everywhere. They have a soft leather cover with a pocket and an elastic band as a bookmark. There is a handy app which you can use to take photos of your notes and store them on your phone. The notebook itself has perforations on the paper so you can neatly tear out pages. It is the perfect product for writers.


Bic Cristal Fun Pens

Bic are perfect for writing on the go. They are cheap, easy to use and write smoothly. I love these fun colours purple, pink, turquoise and green. They would be great for students add a bit of fun to their note taking.

Maped Pencil Sharpeners

I really love Maped products. They are so much fun while still being functional. At school, the children are constantly sharpening their pencils and need a really good pencil sharpener. This rabbit faced sharpener looks great but works brilliantly. It is really strong and we have been testing it for about a month of constant sharpening and it still works brilliantly.

Staedtler Pencils

This really comes under stationery essentials. There is a reason every school in the country stocks these pencils. They last forever. Are easy to sharpen and make it easy to write neatly. A pack of the different pencil grades is just right for someone studying art.


Visit National Stationery Week for more stationery love.

NSW 7 Days of Sationery-01

Disclaimer: We were sent the products for the purpose of this review.

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