25 Things to tell my daughters

Today is International Day of the child. This is a day to raise our voices for girls around the world. This post is 25 things I want to tell my daughters as they grow up.

The Art of Manipulation

How do you learn to get what you want? Is it a skill to be learned in the same way as reading or writing or one to practice like sparring?

Here comes the girls’ dad

I’m really pleased that on the blog today I have a guest post from an incredibly lovely and hardworking father of three girls, a four year old and eighteen month old twins. He wishes to remain anonymous and so I will just refer to him as herecomethegirlsdad. He...

Going to the pink side

I don’t know exactly when it happened, although I suppose it was inevitable. Gradually over the past year my eldest daughter has begun to go over to the pink side. A year ago she was happy liking a range of colours. When asked, she would say green was her...