The Gallery: Inspirational People

October 12, 2011

There’s an old school assembly story I used to trot out every so often which came into my mind when I saw the gallery theme this week. It goes something like this.

There once was a little girl, let’s call her Becky, who was trying to earn some extra pocket money. She wanted to buy a new house for her Sindy doll, or a pair of trainers or an ipad or something. She came up with a brilliant plan to earn some money. All day long she worked hard doing little jobs around the house. At the end of the day she left her mum a note which read:

Dear Mum, 
Tidying my room – £1
Doing the dishes – £1
Sweeping the floor – £1
Putting out the rubbish £1
Cleaning the car – £1
Total You owe me: £5

In the morning she was surprised to find another note in its place. In her mother’s handwriting it read;

Favourite Daughter, 
Find enclosed the £5 and thanks for the help. Here is my account:
Carrying you for 9 months – NO CHARGE
Feeding and clothing you – NO CHARGE
Caring for you when you were ill – NO CHARGE
Giving you a love of reading – NO CHARGE
Singing to you through long nights when you wouldn’t sleep – NO CHARGE
Taking you to choir, and Brownies every night, – NO CHARGE
Looking after you when your dad was away at sea – NO CHARGE
Giving you a strong work ethic – NO CHARGE
Wonderful days at the beach – NO CHARGE
Helping fund you through University – NO CHARGE
Making endless cups of tea – NO CHARGE
Doing your garden – NO CHARGE
Caring for the grandchildren – NO CHARGE


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