The Worst Princess – Summer Book Exchange

July 2, 2012

The Worst Princess

This weekend we finally got to open our package from the Summer Book Exchange. I wanted to have a big amount of time to share the book and do the activities and a rainy Saturday was perfect. Here is a photo story of our day. It definitely kept us entertained on a wet day.

book box

The girls were very excited to open their box of goodies.

opening the box

They had a look at everything inside.

book box

It was easy to find uses for some of the things.

the book

Ha, ha! We’ve found the book!
Princess book
The Worst Princess

The story was hilarious and we really enjoyed reading it. I loved the feisty heroine and how she turned the traditional princess role on its head. It’s a brilliant book and sure to become a favourite.

craft materials

There were so many lovely craft materials we didn’t know where to start. Luckily we had a card full of ideas.


First the girls made a shield using the card templates.


They stuck on glittery jewels and shapes made of the craft foam.

princess crowns

I made them a crown each so they looked like princesses.


The finished shields.

Princess Molly

Princess Molly fights off the dragons.

butterfly shaped sandwiches

We had a quick break for lunch. The little princesses had butterfly shaped sandwiches (what else would princesses eat?)

play dough

After lunch we used the cake cases to make some lovely fairy cakes out of play dough.

princess play dough

The play dough was a lovely pink colour with strawberry essence for scent – just right for cakes fit for a princess.

The twins topped the cakes with some fun jubilee cake toppers featuring the royal family.


While the twins had their nap Molly and I made a big project.

princess castle

We made a beautiful castle out of the box the book came in, the toilet rolls, and the glittery foam.

paper cup dragon

My favourite part of the project was this amazing paper cup dragon. Such a clever and simple idea.

cork prince

We made the characters in the book using some corks from wine bottles (I wonder who drank the wine!).

Molly also made a baby sister who wasn’t in the story and had a minor meltdown because she thought I had used all the pretty pink sellotape.

The Worst Princess

Finally we had great fun acting out the story. Although, Molly’s princess was a bit too happy to stay at home wearing all the pretty dresses. I think we need to read The Worst Princess a few more times to let the message sink in that princesses can fight dragons too – Disney has a lot to answer for!

The Worst PrincessThis was such a brilliant project. It was so exciting to get something in the mail and we had great fun doing the activities and discovered a new favourite book in the process.

There are still a few activities to do when we get a moment. We have some more cake toppers to make some real cakes, next baking day. Also we went sent some curtain hooks and ribbon to practice making plaits which we’re definitely going to try next nap time and we also have some cards to finish.

Thanks to Kelly at Domestic Goddesque for the fantastic package and to The Educators Spin on It for organising the swap. To see the other people taking part look here. here are the posts which are already up.

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Here is a sneaky peek at our book parcel. Can you guess what book was inside?

book exchange

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