Three easy ways to eat healthier

March 4, 2018

Was your New Years Resolution was to eat healthier? It’s now March, so two months into the year and it starts to feel harder to keep going with good intentions. You might have a holiday planned or a birthday or just want to eat out with friends. It’s very easy to let one bad meal derail the healthy eating plan. Here are some easy ways to get back on track.

Be Prepared

I find the hardest problem with sticking to a healthy diet is that I run out of healthy food. I start the week well but by the end I am tired and there is nothing healthy in the fridge and it is easy just to grab something quick and easy which doesn’t necessarily meet my food goals. Meal planning definitely helps with this, as you plan the whole week ahead and can make easier meals for the end of the week.

The easiest way to eat healthily with the least amount of preparation is to order your food to be delivered. Simply book a Los Angeles healthy food delivery and your meals are all prepared for you. This is definitely the easiest option and will help you reach your goals with ease.

Variety is the Spice of Life

By March, you will probably start feeling really bored with your meal plan. It makes it so much harder to stick to if you are dreading your food each day. It is worth thinking about that before you start as well. If you hate eating soup then don’t have a meal plan which involves eating soup. If you choose foods which you love and which fit in with your lifestyle then you will find it much easier and more enjoyable.

If you find you are getting bored of your diet then look for ways to vary it and make it more exciting. Ensure you are eating the full spectrum of colours of food. Colourful food is more appealing and has all vitamins and minerals. Search online for new recipes and try something you wouldn’t normally have.

Enjoy Yourself

Don’t let your food plan stop you from having fun. If you are going to eat out then loom at the menu beforehand and choose something first. You can often find a list or ingredients or the healthiest option online. Don’t go too hungry or you will overeat. If you find you are craving a certain type of food then look for a way to build it into your meal plan. Make your own healthy option. It is better to have that than to let it derail all your hard work.

Food should be an enjoyable and fun part of your life. Just because you are eating healthily doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy and look forward to your food. Food should not be a punishment. You can be healthy and happy.

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