Top 5 Reasons to Visit Turkey

August 16, 2014

There are still a few weeks left of the holidays and although we have had a brilliant time staying in the UK I  have started to think about how it would be nice to have a holiday abroad next year. In September I return to work full time which means not only that I will really need a holiday next year but also that we will finally have the money to be able to do it. So I am spending ten minutes,while the children are busy playing, dreaming about holidays in Turkey. It’s not really a destination I have ever considered before, but after seeing the stunning photos from my friend who has just returned from two weeks in Altinkum in the Bodrum area of Turkey all bronzed and beautiful after relaxing in the sun, it is now top of my holiday destination list.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Turkey

1. Ephesus

Having studied Ancient History at University, holidays just aren’t complete without a trip to some ancient ruins. Ephesus, a Greek city on the coast of Turkey is one of the best preserved classical cities in the world. The stunning Library of Celsus might have lost it’s roof but the size and scale of the building would make you feel you have been transformed into the past. 


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2. Beaches

The beaches in Turkey look stunning. Miles of sandy beaches stretching as far as the eye can see.I like the look of the Konyaaltı Beach on the west coast of Turkey. A long stretch of pebbles with glorious mountains in the distance. Equally the more secluded Ortakent Yahsi Beach, one of the longest strips on the Bodrum peninsula is filled with golden sands and dark blue seas.

3. Sunshine

With temperatures soaring to 35°C in Summer you are almost guaranteed good weather. We have been really lucky in the UK this year and had really sunny weather but it is so unpredictable especially if you are hoping to spend the whole day at the beach. Even in May the temperature is 26°C which would be lovely for a Spring holiday. 

4. Island Hopping

Holidays are never complete without a boat trip and in Turkey you can take boat trips in between the beautiful islands. Seven Islands is a chain of little islands in Gocek Bay where there are numerous opportunities for swimming and snorkling as well as exploring the little coves.

5. Camel Beach

Forget donkey rides, in Turkey the best way to travel is by camel. Camel beach, just half an hour away from Bodrum Town has camels to ferry you from one end of the beach to the other. While you are there you can swim in the crystal waters and might spot the ancient ruins on the ocean floor while snorkling.

I’m sure you can see why this is my dream destination. In fact I’m not sure I can wait for another year, as I said there are still a couple of weeks left. Maybe there’s still time for a last minute trip….

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