Top Tips for Back to School

September 29, 2016

first day of school for twins

The phrases “Back to School” must be most loaded with emotion in the English language. You can’t hear it without thinking of never-ending shopping trips for new uniform, the smell of wax crayons and PVA glue, hearing the school bell ring, new coat pegs and shiny patent leather shoes. Most of all that sick, excited feeling as the day approaches. It is a time of worries and anxiety for many children, and parents. It’s enough for you to need to book an appointment for Botox in Los Angeles.

first day of school for twinsOrganisation is the key to success

Mornings will never be my strong point. In order for the day to go smoothly, I need an extra loud alarm clock and everything laid out ready to go. At the moment I get me and the girls dressed and out of the house in 30 to 45 minutes. I actually think the quicker we leave the better. If we have too much time they mess about and start playing but I get them in the car before they realise they are awake, especially on the first few days of school. I would love to say I get up first, have a shower and a cup of tea in peace but I would rather have the extra fifteen minutes in bed.

The Most Important Meal of the Day

There are lots of days when the girls don’t want to get out of bed. To make sure they get up quickly on the first couple of days of school I always buy there favourite cereal, the ones in the children’s section which I normally don’t let them have. It definitely helps on the third or fourth day when there is only a little bit left and they have to get up first so they can finish it off before their sisters. Mwahaha! It works for me as well. My current favourite breakfast is Overnight oats as it tastes like pudding yet keeps me full till lunch.  Also it’s an unwritten rule that all bloggers must eat overnight oats, spiralize everything and drink lots of gin, but please don’t tell the blogging police I hate gin.

School Shoes

As a teacher, the first day of school is spent mostly admiring the thirty new sets of school shoes. Much as I hate shopping for shoes there is something lovely about those shiny patent leather shoes, and crisp new white socks.

Fluffy Pencil Cases

I guess this post is a little bit about retail therapy. Along with the new shoes, a fun pencil case really helps those back to school blues. Whether you like Spiderman or unicorns, dinosaurs or cute kittens there is a pencil case for everyone. Lunch boxes and backpacks also serve the same purpose.

Read a Book

Books help everything. At the very least they start a conversation about how you are feeling. There is a book for everything.

Back to school booksback to school activities for kids

Back to School Ideas

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Back to School

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