Top Tips for enjoying your stay at Butlins Bognor Regis

December 15, 2011

Here are a few top tips for enjoying your stay at Butlins, Bognor Regis. This is a brilliant place to go for a break with the family. We went with three young children under 5 and the facilities really suited our needs. There is enough to do for a week and the accommodation is unexpectedly luxurious. It is a great place to visit at Christmas as there are several Christmas themed activities and lots of fake snow.

1. The Shoreline hotel is fantastic for families with young children. Bunk beds,  chocolate coins on the reception desk. toddler sized chairs even an area of the breakfast buffet for children to access themselves.The only thing I wish hadn’t been at toddler height were the alarm on the lift.

2. Bring a few £1 coins and set a budget with your children. There are a lot of fun ride on toys which are coin operated. These are great, but if you do every one it would cost you a fortune. My twins are young enough to enjoy sitting in the rides and not actually turning them on, but I wish I’d given our four year old some pocket money to spend so she knew how many she could go on. Also there are lots of free rides so try to visit these first.

3. Book any extra activities as soon as possible. You needed to book all the Christmas activities, such as visiting Santa, before 12am. Unfortunately we arrived at 12.30, so missed out. Luckily there was so much to do we didn’t feel short of activities.

4. As you’d expect from Butlins, the shows are magical and definitely worth catching. We really enjoyed Bjorns snow storm which felt like being in the middle of a snow globe and featured a life size polar bear AND Santa. You can plan your day on the website and there is even a handy iphone app.

Bjorn’s snow storm

5. If you’re looking for a safe area for very young children to run around in the soft play area is great. With three children under five year olds it’s hard to let them lose as they go in opposite directions. The toddler soft play kept them entertained for an hour at a time while there was only one parent there. It is completely enclosed and you can see everywhere so completely safe.

6. The swimming pool at Butlins is brilliant fun and the shop has everything you need, including swim nappies in case you’ve forgotten one as we did.

7. The cash machine in the Shoreline hotel is free, some of the others charge.

8. The family room is spacious and has all the facilities you need for the family. However it doesnt have separate rooms more areas. In the room we stayed in you had to walk past the children’s beds as you came in. Just remember to sneak quietly if you’ve been out enjoying he night life.

Wow – even Santa enjoyed his stay at Butlins

This is not a sponsored post, however I did receive a reduced rate on the room as part of the Tots 100 Christmas Party. The views expressed are my own. 

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