Traveling to Canada? Here’s What to Try For Sure!

July 21, 2021

“Canada is the essence of not being. Not English, not American; it is the mathematics of not being. And a subtle flavour – we’re more like celery as a flavour.”

Mike Myers

If you have a bucket list full of some crazy ideas taking you to the epitome of adventure, you should definitely travel to Canada once. This country has everything one can wish to explore and witness on an ideal vacation. 

So, here are some fun ideas to relish an adventurous trip to Canada and challenge yourself to try them all. 

1. Whale watching

Are you one of those water babies who love watching seawater species? Well, Canada is the perfect place for you. Situated on the Northeastern coast of Vancouver Island, Johnstone Strait is a highly recommended spot to visit. It is accredited as the largest Whale Heritage Site in the world. You can visit this place to celebrate sustainable whales and giant dolphins who may groove in-between to entertain you. 

2. Visit the valley of devils

You may be in love with horror movies, but the real test is when you brace yourself to visit this valley for real. It is considered one of the least visited national parks in the East Block of Canada. This valley is a perfect blend of paleontology and geology, having up to 1000 devils in it. It is a 65-hectare valley with a beautiful hiking trail accompanied by the best view ever. Plus, you can have a visual treat of the K-T line and a white stripe in the Earth which was carved by the meteorite who killed and vanished the dinosaurs some ages ago. 

3. Enjoy a trek in Ontario

Explore Ontario’s largest national park named Pukaskwa. It is one of the highly preferred coastal hiking trails that go on for at least 60 kilometers. You can view pebble beach, shoreline rocks, serene woodland, and much more throughout the trek. The trek path is well-maintained, so you don’t face any obstacles. 

4. Enjoy snow tagging

Those who don’t know snow tagging is a perfect blend of zen gardening and fitness. There is a La Mauricie National Park which consists of snow tagger heads that appear after excessive snowfall. You can enjoy different snow sports here at their best.  

Pro tip – Don’t forget to accompany your friends if you wish to tenfold the fun. 

The bottom line is, traveling to Canada is a fun experience loaded with everything you wish to enjoy on a relaxing trip after months of wait. From witnessing whales in British Columbia to trying your hands on the best strains ever, there is a lot to make you fall in love with this happening country. 

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