Turning Five

June 27, 2012

five year old

Hi Five!

five year old

It’s a momentous occasion, turning five. You’re old enough to start to feel grown up, yet young enough to want to have a party with balloons where you can run around with your friends until you fall over.

So here she is. My five-year old. Showing how old she is with a big high-five.

Five year olds use their hands a lot. They are just starting to master using them effectively. Finally things which they have struggled with start to get easier: writing, drawing, painting, cutting, all are mastered.

Five year old hands are very busy. Here are some of the things they are used for:

Climbing a climbing frame.
Cuddling a teddy.
Opening presents.
Baking cakes.
Getting dressed.
Holding a book.
Playing with toys.
Rolling out play dough.
Clutching a lollipop.
Flying a kite.
Cutting with scissors.
Making a sandcastle.
Making something out of card.
Helping little sisters.
Holding a balloon.
Tickle fights.
Stroking a pet.
Making a phone call.
Throwing snowballs.
Twirling a magic wand.
Blowing bubbles.
Pushing and shoving.
Feeding an animal.
Helping tidy up.
Riding a bike.
Making a den.
Digging in the sandpit.
Whispering secrets.

and my favourite:

Holding my hand.


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