Here Come the Tantrums

November 13, 2012

toddler tantrums

twins laughing

The Twins Aged Two

Why is it called the terrible twos? I wonder… Two year olds are delightful. They learn new words every day. They giggle at anything. They adore being in your company and are so excited to see you. They pick up funny expressions and don’t use them correctly. They are excited by the simplest things – bubbles, a helicopter flying over, a visit to the sweetie shop. They dance everywhere and skip  about like little lambs.

And yet….

Within seconds they can change. All you have to do is dare to put them in the wrong pair of socks or give them a blue juice cup instead of pink and suddenly the beast within is unleashed. A little while ago I dressed the twins as The Hulk from the recent Avengers film and it really does sum it up nicely. You wouldn’t like them when they’re angry!

toddler hulk

The problem multiple parents have is that there is not one tantrum monster but two. Sometimes it feels like life is one big tantrum. This can go either way. Either one of the twins will have a tantrum – which usually lasts a few minutes then finishes just as mysteriously – promptly followed by the other one having one over the same or a similar thing. Or, what is worse, they both have one at the same time. Luckily this doesn’t happen so often but it is pretty awful when it does. Somehow the noise just makes them escalate.

The main crisis point which brings on a tantrum is getting dressed. The twins have very definite ideas of what they want to wear. Generally this involves no coat and no shoes – not a good look now the weather is turning colder. I have a feeling this would be easier to cope with if I just had the twins and I can’t remember it being a problem with my eldest. She has never been worried by clothes and is happy for me to choose what she wears. The reason it is harder is because most mornings we have to get to school on time so the twins have to get dressed and there isn’t time for me to allow them to choose what to wear.

So I get one ready and they do that floppy thing toddlers seem born to do, then wriggle and go stifff as a board so I am fighting to put their coat on. Then one is ready I go through the same thing with the other – in the mean time the first one has run off and pulled off their coat and socks so I have to start again.

We do eventually leave the house and they are dressed properly and so far we have not been late for school. But if you see a slightly bedraggled mother of multiples rushing for the school gate then give her an understanding look. No doubt she has just taken part in a marathon of epic proportions in the never ending quest to leave the house on time.


Multiples Mayhem from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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