October 2, 2017


What’s your happy place? Where is the one place you go to on holiday or at the weekend which makes you feel happy? I have a few but I love the beach the best. Ok, I live in the Midlands, as far away from a beach as you can get in this country, but I have the best of both worlds as my parents still live on the South coats and I visit them regularly for all that lovely sea air. My parents meanwhile often visit me in the Midlands and while they are here like to live like a local in a home from home staying in serviced apartments in Birmingham. For them, they love to be in the middle of the action with all the restaurants and theatres, the German market at Christmas and the array of different shops.


The beach near my parents’ house is very different from the soft white sands of a beach holiday abroad. It has a long pebbly beach and a view of the Isle of White. It is usually overcast or raining but that doesn’t unduly bother us. We just get a hot chocolate at a beachside cafe and look for shells and sea glass. We fly kites, play cricket and tennis on the grass and of course have an ice cream. If we are lucky and the weather is nice we will swim. The best thing about having a beach is that it doesn’t attract huge crowds so often we are the only people there. It is idyllic. Nothing is better than finishing a day at the beach with fish and chips over looking the sea. I’m sure the sea air makes it taste even better.

I’m not alone in loving a beach holiday in the UK. SACO, The Serviced Apartment Company, conducted research which found eating a pub lunch in the Cotswolds as Brummies “happy place”. They questioned 168 residents from the city about places in the UK which evoke special memories and ultimately make us “happy”. SACO also found that two-thirds (66%) of Birmingham residents have fond childhood memories of holidays in Britain and a further 63% want to create similar memories for their own children and grandchildren. Four in ten (41%) said that some of their best holidays have been in the UK.


  1. Pub lunch in the Cotswolds

  2. Eating ice cream on Brighton Beach

  3. Walking / hiking in the Lake District

  4. Eating fish and chips in Padstow

  5. Walking in the Peak Districtseaside

You can definitely tell that a UK holiday involves variable if not downright miserable weather when you look at the list of must-do activities.  While we enjoy paddling and building sandcastles we also don’t mind getting blown about on a beach. There is nothing better than a windy walk on the beach to blow away the cobwebs. It’s my favourite activity on Boxing Day or New Years Day when you’ve spent the week overindulging. You are guaranteed to feel better afterwards.



  1. Eating fish and chips (57%)

  2. A pub lunch (53%)

  3. Eating a cream tea (35%)

  4. Building sandcastles (31%)

  5. Getting blown about on a beach (29.8%)

So where do you like to go to feel happy? Was there anything which didn’t make the list?

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