Warwick Castle at Christmas

December 21, 2016

Christmas at Warwick Castle

I was really looking forward to a trip to Warwick Castle at Christmas. We had started the year by visiting the castle on my birthday as our first post as Merlin Annual Pass ambassadors so it seemed the perfect way to finish the year.

The castle looked really festive decked out with Christmas lights and there was Christmas music playing. I loved the fact it was instrumental carols rather than something more cheesy and modern. It was festive but without being annoying.

The inside of the castle was really beautiful. There were lovely Christmas trees and even a sleigh. It was lovely to see how Christmas dinner would have been served. The girls were particularly fascinated with the jelly. You could meet with Santa and have your photo taken with him.

Although the schedule is slightly paired back for Winter there is still a lot to do. You could go to the Time Traveller adventure or meet the princesses experiences which are really enjoyable and greta for if the weather is bad. You can also have a guided tour of the castle.

We were very lucky because the day was cold but beautiful. I can’t believe how blue the sky was.

We enjoyed a peaceful walk around the grounds which are really stunning.

Afterwards, we warmed up with steaming hot chocolate. There are lots of stands where you can buy food and drink, as well as a couple of restaurants. One of the stalls took card payments but it is worth bringing cash and you do need £6 for the car park too.

The highlight of the day was the owl display. After reading Harry Potter, the girls are obsessed with owls and it was amazing seeing them up close.

I took a lot of pictures of this beautiful barn owl, Oscar. He was a great performer.

He swooped soundlessly over the heads of the spectators. It was magical.

We also got really close to one of the caste’s inhabitants, a stunning peacock. These birds wander the grounds and are completely fearless.

We finished our visit with a trip to the Horrible Histories maze. This is a new attraction since our last visit and was great fun.

This was a brilliant way to learn about history as you travel around the maze and learn facts about different parts of history. As it is based on Terry Deary’s Horrible Histories, the facts are really fun and a little gory, perfect for kids. You collect badges on your passport as you go round and this gives you a nice little memento of your day. You also win a prize from the gift shop for completing the maze.

There are a few games in the maze and some handy stocks for if your kids are getting a bit over excited.

Even the exit is fun. The kids have their own assault course exit.

We had a wonderful day out at Warwick castle. Lots of fresh air and exercise, a little bit of festive fun and lots of history. It was the perfect day out for just before Christmas and a great way to end our year as Merlin Annual Pass Ambassadors.

Merlin Annual Pass Ambassador

Disclaimer: I was given a Merlin Annual Pass as part of the Merlin AP Ambassador scheme. 


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