Why Women Should Give Their Men Sildenafil For His Erectile Dysfunction

February 14, 2021

When seeing erectile dysfunction on the television adverts, it seems like such a simple issue that can be quickly and easily sorted. It’s just a simple case of taking a pill, such as Sildenafil, which you can buy online at Numan, and everything sorts itself out. Before you know it, the woman has her man back and they can begin to start getting romantic with one another again. 

That is how it happens in TV land at least. What the adverts do not show you however, is all of the pain that a woman is likely to experience when her partner is having to deal with all of the effects of erectile dysfunction. Because women, typically, internalize all of their problems, they end up blaming themselves for the issue when they have nothing to do with it at all. They start to think that maybe they have done something wrong or that they are no longer attractive. This view is actually very far from the actual truth.

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Whilst many women and even lots of men too, still think of erectile dysfunction as a sexual issue, the main causes of it are actually usually physical conditions that have gone undiagnosed, such as high cholesterol or diabetes. It can even be the result of the early stages of heart disease. This is why educating both women (as well as men) on what causes the condition can help to stop them blaming themselves.

How To Handle Erectile Dysfunction

Rather than questioning your man, which he may interpret as you having a go at them, and creating further issues within your relationship, try and lead him into opening up about the issue in a controlled manner. While trying harder to tackle the issue head on may not be helpful, equally pulling away from it altogether can be equally destructive.

For instance, attempting to drown your partner in eroticism is likely to actually put him off, but then you should not go that far the over way that you jump ship on him altogether. The most important thing to remember when erectile dysfunction strikes is that it is not your issue and that you have not caused it to happen. 

Once you have got past the initial shock of it happening, you should then do your very best to open up a line of communication with your partner about it. How to approach doing this is by discussing the problem out side of the bedroom setting and some time after it has happened – not whilst you are laid in bed together immediately after the act. 

Because you are now aware of the health issues associated with it, you should also make sure that your partner is too and try and gently persuade him that he should go and visit his doctor to talk about it. The more matter of fact that you can be with it all, the more likely you are to succeed in getting through to your partner about the issue.


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