Win DocMcStuffins Pet Vet Bag

September 28, 2015

Win DocMcStuffins Pet Vet Bag

I love toys which enourage children to develop their imaginations, esecially if they are aspirational in nature. The DocMcStuffins Pet Vet Bag is just such a toy. Of course the main requirement for the girls is that the toy has to be fun, which this is. But I like the fact it encourages them to role play being a vet and caring for animals.

The design of this toy is really brilliant. I love the fact that it is blue. Maufacturers are finally listening to kids and parents and realising that they don’t need to make everything in pink just because it is for a girl. The colours of this are lovely, a bright blue, with aquamarine trim and purple detailing. There is just the right amount of sparkle to make it look fun but not detract from the fact this is supposed to be a functional toy. The pattern is clever as it looks like it is a zip up bag but in fact is a catch, which is very easy to open.


Inside are lots of tools for the would-be-vet to use. These are sturdy and look like they will last. They are also not too fiddly so hopefully won’t get lost. The bag comes with brush, a comb, a pair of scissors, an otoscope, a magnifying glass, a tongue depressor and even a light up Pet Tag. The tag is the only thing which requires batteries.


You don’t need anything else to start playing. We already had a doctor style dress up costume and a few cuddly toys, who needed looking after. This set encouraged lots of role play and even some writing as the animals all needed to be recorded.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 19.47.02

There was lots of space in the box for other things. We included a little notebook. I liked the fact this is not a large toy and so it is easy to store.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 19.47.47

I always judge toys by how long they are played with. This one was carried around all day and not put down. This toy costs around £23 and will provide hours of fun for any child who loves Doc Mcstuffins or who would like to be a vet.

We are really excited about seeing the new Doc Mcstuffins shows with the new character, a cute puppy called Findo. You can see a sneaky peak here:

Win a DocMcStuffins Pet Vet Bag

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Competition closes 4th Oct 12am

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